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Axis Payroll Inc, offers the state-of-the-art products and services to meet a variety of employer needs. We are one of the fastest growing privately held payroll service providers, with the capability of servicing clients of all types (small and mid-size business). Axis Payroll provides an easy and surprisingly affordable way to eliminate these payroll hassles. We set an example by proving our services to hundred of businesses of all sizes daily.


Base Payroll $29.95
Base Payroll can be either Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly. We have a solution that would meet your company needs and will work with you.
Direct Deposit  $2.95
With Direct Deposit you are ensured of delivery. And, there are no lost checks to reissue. Direct Deposit can offer flexibility and freedom as well.
1065/1120/1120S Tax Services  $399.95
We provide assistance in meeting electronic payments of all federal business taxes, as mandated by IRS and Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
Online Tax Filing $7.99
The most basic return for single or married taxpayers to report general wages, unemployment and W2 income. If you have questions or need a professional tax review of your online tax return, we perform that for a fee of additional $50.
Average Cost Per Payroll $49.99
Cost per Payroll can vary based on Payroll Frequency, Shipping, etc.
Year End W2/1099-Misc $9.99
We prepare all quarterly and year-end returns, accurately and signature-ready. We also process W2's and 1099 as requested by our customers.
Online State Tax Preparation          $7.95    
Axis Payroll Offers Resident State Returns for every state (and most non-resident state returns too). State tax preparation starts at $7.95 provided the Federal Tax Return has been by Axis Payroll Inc. We are looking forward to serve you

Balance Sheets

Profit and Loss Statements                 

Bookkeeping Services                           

  $299 onwards
Axis Payroll Offers Accounting Solutions for every state (and most non-resident state returns too).  Our Services starts from $299.


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